About Our Company

About Our Company

With over 20 years of construction and project management experience, Builderlink takes the guesswork out of building. We’ll source the right builder for you.

Our Services

Building can be nightmare to navigate. We help identify all the hidden costs associated with property construction. A safer way to build by doing it right the first time.

Our Partners

We’ve overseen more than 500 projects, collaborating with 30 hand-selected, independent builders. We’ve worked with project budgets ranging from 200 thousand to 12 million.

Industry Information

registered builders in Australia

homes are built in Australia each year

(28%) of building contracts are disputed

is the average cost of a dispute

is the average delay caused by a dispute

is the average project variation

Have a Large Project?

We’ll find the perfect builder for any sized home. Within our established network, we can tailor to any unique requirements you may have.


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